Services – Computer Service

  • Virus, spyware and malware removal and support
  • Laptop repair and support
  • Desktop repair and support
  • Mobile device consulting and repair
  • Setting up wired/wireless networks
  • Network design, administration, and support
  • General computer and mobile device related consulting

Would you like to buy a new computer or device? Do you know where to start? Do you know your computing and or mobile needs? Let us help you make an informed decision and guide you through the mire that is technology.

Once you have decided on a computer or device we can setup and personalize it to more easily meet your needs.

If you already have a computer and you’re looking for some help, we are here for you. We can connect multiple computers through a wired or wireless network, set up a backup system to keep your data safe on all those computers, and upgrade or tune up your system if it has become too slow and ‘painful’ to use.

We can repair your system, regardless of where you bought it, and take care of any computer issues at the store or in the convenience of your own home.

  • We offer personalized service and consulting
  • Peer-to-Peer knowledge and a passion for what we do
  • We are constantly testing, learning and sharing our knowledge with each other to stay on top of current technologies.
  • Have a virus? Computer slow? Bring it in for a cleaning! Only $69.00
  • Need you data backed-up and a complete restore of your operating system? Only $69.00