Our Retail Location

bNetworked opened our retail location at 55 Water Street in Digby in March of 2013. We have extended our service and expertise to the consumer market, offering repair services for desktop and laptop computers, cell phones and some other electronic devices. If you’re not sure if we can work on something or not, please drop us a line and we’ll let know if you we might be able to help. Our store offers:

  • Desktop, laptop and tablet sales
  • Computer repair service
  • Computer parts (from power supplies to hard drives to video cards and more)
  • Cables and adapters (USB, network, power, video, etc.)
  • Buy, Sell, Trade video games – we deal with most modern systems including Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, XBox One, PS4 and WiiU
  • Cell phone cases, chargers and data cables

The Business for Your Business

bNetworked is a computer and networking solutions provider for small to medium businesses located in the South West Nova Scotia region. We are here to leverage our experience in building and maintaining computer networks, repairing systems, recommending solutions and providing assistance with your digital infrastructure. Our goal is to be able to leverage our agility and resourcefulness to respond quickly to your requests for assistance to help you provide the best service to your customers and maintain the efficient operation of your business. We can provide assistance in many areas including, but not limited to:

  • Building and securing computer networks
  • Diagnosing and repairing errors and virus manifestations
  • Setting up or extending indoor and outdoor wireless networks for your business
  • Implementing a backup plan for disaster recovery
  • Installing, implementing and maintaining a server or workgroup environment
  • Recommending solutions for software, hardware and computers to fit your needs
  • Installing and maintaining managed anti-virus solutions
  • File recovery from damaged drives or deleted files

Personal Background

Brian Joudrey

Brian Joudrey

bNetworked is owned and managed by Brian Joudrey. Computers have been his lifelong pursuit, having disassembled the family computer regularly in early years. Since then he has gained extensive experience through professional education, work related contact with technology and personal inquisitiveness. He’s had the opportunity to design, build, secure and maintain computer networks for a number of businesses including commercial and retail, service and tourism/hospitality related ventures. He’s set out to build a company that can service the requirements of small and medium business in the South West Nova region.

bNetworked’s goal is to be able to provide affordable service and offer solutions that fit your business’ needs and budget. We want to help your business effectively use technology to your advantage so that you can get your best return on investment. We believe that this can be achieved through a mix of properly maintained and secured assets, coupled with the necessary software solutions. Contact us today to discuss your business’s challenges in the technology sector. We’re here to help you grow!