The Digby Wifi advertising platform offers incredible advantages to our clients and their business, a few of those are listed below:

  • Increased foot trafficOffering a free, fast and consistent internet service to public consumers and tourists will strengthen the foot traffic in the downtown core and increase customer interactions with businesses in general.

  • Increased Growth and Tourism – A free and consistent public wifi service is incredibly progressive, but as with all technology, it will become standard and utility in a very short time. Lunenburg is growing a free wifi network on their waterfront and reaping the benefits of increasing their tourist traffic, while Halifax has just completwd a $2.6 mil project for free public wifi, along the waterfront and Grande Parade area in order to take advantage of the 150th Canada and Tall Ships celebrations.

    In fact, Halifax spokesperson Brendan Elliott has said that a public wifi service “…increases interests from businesses (and developers) who want to be located inside of the wifi hub…” and that it “…helps phone users on what to decide for meals, accommodations and activities…”

  • Targeted Advertising for Downtown Businesses – A free public wifi service puts individual businesses front and center every time a user checks their device and at intervals during their usage. Wifi services offered by businesses to current clients are not targeting potential clients. Those consumers just down the street or a few feet from their door deciding where to go, what to do and what to spend money on will be influenced by our listed advertisers.

  • Competitive Advertising for Other Local Businesses – Businesses not located downtown can also benefit from this service in a way that traditional advertising can’t provide. The majority of foot traffic pools on Water Street at any given time and our free wifi service will only increase these numbers.

    Advertising on our landing page, gets them the same benefit as those located downtown by consistently putting their business in front of consumers regardless of where they’re physically located. It’s affordable and effective in getting attention and attracting clients from our pool of users to their businesses.

  • Beats Traditional Advertising in Every WayIt can’t be stressed more that traditional advertising is inconsistent and hit or miss – not to mention expensive. This is because it acts as a wide net, spreading itself thin across everyone instead of narrowing down to focus on those people who are actively seeking out specific products and services. Our application targets those tourists and consumers looking for food, lodging, activities and services during their time in our community, at a higher rate of consumer contact and for a fraction of the costs.

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