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Digby, July 13 / — To celebrate the launch of its new, public wifi service along Water Street in Digby, NS, bNetworked ( has made the advertising facet of the platform more affordable than ever for a limited number of local entrepreneurs and business owners.

Brian Joudrey installing the first access point to the free, public wifi network (top image) and sector antennae on the bNetworked building, the home base (bottom images).






Propelled by the 150th Canada Day celebrations and in anticipation of the upcoming Tall Ships and Wharf Rat Rally, bNetworked plans to expand its offerings for advertisers who want to leverage analytics and automation tools without breaking the bank. To that end, the company has created a unique incentive of discounts for annual subscribers and members of the Digby & Area Board of Trade.

(left to right) Glenn Foster, Brian Joudrey and Michael Carty of bNetworked

“We’re really excited to be able to offer this service to both the public and local businesses. The technology today is more affordable to setup and more designer friendly, so we use that to give users the free internet access they want while at the same time have a platform for businesses to offer services to those users.” says bNetworked Account Manager, Michael Carty. “Now more businesses can take advantage of this powerful platform, at a rate that falls within their budget. Even without the massive discounts we offer, the price to advertise is incredibly affordable compared to other, more traditional forms of media such as promoting in The Chronicle Herald – just one of the reasons why we love this platform so much.”

The special edition of the public wifi/advertising platform will provide a unique multiple ad rotation option, in which up to four (4) different ads will populate for every user visit to the platform page. The standard edition of the service is limited to a single ad; but for businesses with numerous products and services, this is a game changer.

The free, public wifi network in downtown Digby

Project managers, Brian Joudrey and Michael Carty have been excited to watch the platforms development from just a free, public wifi service provider to an advanced CRM and marketing automation platform for local businesses. In fact, bNetworked itself has been transitioning from consumer electronic retail to enhanced business IT support and marketing services since 2016, and has achieved an impressive list of leads – they’re currently in talks with communities like Annapolis Royal and Yarmouth in regards to similar public wifi/advertising networks, placed in their most densely trafficked locations and at a much lower cost to construct than was previously available.

bNetworked is also offering an optional service to take on any content preparation and automation design by in-house staff. That’s a major time and cost-saver for businesses.

About bNetworked

Based in Digby, NS, bNetworked specializes in corporate IT support services, from computing needs, infrastructure, backups and security.

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