Ransomware has become one of, if not the most potent forms of malware attack that is out there today.  For those who aren’t familiar, it’s malware (essentially a computer virus) that encrypts the data on your hard drive to render it unreadable to you unless you pay a ransom to get it unencrypted.  It can cost hundreds of dollars or more to recover your data by paying the ransom and it underscores the need to keep critical files backed up.  I just read a good article on ransomware on blog called Dark Reading that is a large portal of computer security related articles.  You can find the ransomware article by following this link:


We’re seeing it more and more often in the store here, so if you’re not sure how best to back up your data come in and ask us.  We’re happy to help you figure it out and implement a solution that works for you.