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bNetworked is a computer and networking solutions provider for small to medium-sized businesses located in the South West Nova Scotia region.

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All kinds of backup solutions to meet your needs.  Contact us today!

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This case is stunning. You really have to see it yourself one day! We can customize one to your specs.


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Always amazing service at affordable rates! Highly recommend!

Candida Doucette

They’re the best I have ever went to for having a device fixed.

Nathaniel Lewis

I have had my computers fixed here and bought a new computer excellent service here.

Sis Elliot

I have had great customer service from these guys! Recommend!

Amy Tudor

Amazing customer service got a phone unlocked here before then it reset and they helped me again and they always answer questions I have keep up the good work 🙂


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The latest from the bNet Blog.

bNetworked brings free public wifi to Digby

  NEWS PROVIDED BY bNetworked 13 July 8:30 AT Digby, July 13 / — To celebrate the launch of its new, public wifi service along Water Street in Digby, NS, bNetworked (http://bnetworked.ca/) has made the advertising facet of the platform more affordable than ever for a...

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Digby Wifi Advertising Platform

The Digby Wifi advertising platform offers incredible advantages to our clients and their business, a few of those are listed below: Increased foot traffic - Offering a free, fast and consistent internet service to public consumers and tourists will strengthen the...

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Job opening: Mobile device repair technician

bNetworked is seeking to hire a part time mobile device repair specialist to effect repairs on cellular phones and tablets.  The vast majority of this work is to repair cell phones and tablet screens that have been broken.  The successful applicant will have...

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Christmas 2016 Specials

We just wanted to let you know about some specials that we've got going on right now.  They are available now through to our last day open before Christmas - December 23rd.  Stop in and get your shopping done today before we're out of stock on any of these special...

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Ransomware – The biggest threat on our radar

Ransomware has become one of, if not the most potent forms of malware attack that is out there today.  For those who aren't familiar, it's malware (essentially a computer virus) that encrypts the data on your hard drive to render it unreadable to you unless you pay a...

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How does malware/virus software get on my computer?

This is a question that we get a lot, from our customers and from people that just stop in to converse about computer issues. This is something that is a lot more complicated to answer than most people hope. It’s not as simple as “Just don’t open that email from the...

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